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Chemical and Stain Resistance

The Codes Used:

A. No visual surface change
B. Minor change in surface gloss
C. Moderate deterioration/discoloration/staining of surface
D. Discoloration of surface plus moderate softening
E. Severe softening of surface, cratering and deterioration of surface
F. Total dissolution of painted or plastic surface into liquid

Spot test - 30 seconds. Tests performed by placing a few drops of the designated fluid on coated panel, waiting 30 seconds, then vigorously wiping off the fluid; panels observed for staining and film failure:

Coffee A
Iodine A
Ethanol A
409 Cleaner A
Tea A
10% Ammonia A
Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) A
0.1N Sodium Hydroxide A
Coca Cola A
0.1N Nitric Acid A
Acetone A
Gasoline A
Correction Fluid A
1,1,1-Trichloroethane A
Epoxy Ink Solvent A
Xylene A
Nail Polish Remover A
Methanol A
Black Ink A
Hand Soap A
Lacquer Thinner A
P-dioxane A
N,N -dimethyl formamide B

Spot test - 30 minutes. Tests performed by same procedure as above except for duration and fluid is washed off rather than wiped off. This data is courtesy of Hewlett Packard:

0.1 N Hcl A
Isopropyl Alcohol A
Lemon Juice A
Coca Cola A
Fantastic A
Floor Stripper A
Coffee A
Butyl Cellosolve A
Tap Water A
Butyl Carbitol A
Snap A
Spic and Span A
Vegetable Oil A
Fiber Pen Ink A
Cascade A
Water Base Ink A
Gasoline A
Ammonia A
WD-40 A
30 Wt. Motor Oil A
Draino A
Diethyl Ether A
Lanolin Lotion A
Ivory Liquid A
Clorox A
Tetrahydrofuran B
1,1,1-Trichloroethane B
Ball Pen Ink B
Correction Fluid B
Nail Polish B
Carbon Disulfide B
Freon TF B
Methylene Chloride B
Chloroform C
Solvent Base Ink D

Performance Properties

Testing was conducted on Bonderite 1000 panels, unless noted, with 1.0-1.2 mils dry film thickness, after full cure:

Viscosity: (78° 370 g/l) Gloss with Zahn # 2: 25-35 seconds
Semi-Gloss with Zahn # 3: 15-25 seconds
Electrical Resistance: (For electrostatic application) .15-.20 megohms, as applied
Cross-hatch Adhesion Test: No failure
Pencil Hardness: H for Gloss formulation
2H for Semi-
Gloss formulation
Taber Abrasion Resistance Test: (CS-17 wheels, 1 kg. loading, 1000 cycles) Less than 100 mg. weight loss
Gardner Impact Resistance Test
     Direct: Pass 130 inch - lbs.
     Reverse: Pass 60 inch - lbs.
Flexibility: (1/8 inch mandrel) No cracking
Humidity Resistance Test: (100°F relative humitity, 168 hours exposure) No blisters or loss of adhesion
Salt Spray Resistance - ASTM B-117: (95°F, 5% salt solution, panel scribed with an "X")
     100 hours exposure: No blistering or creepage of rust from score
     1000 hours exposure: No blistering, less than 3/16" creepage from score
Ultraviolet Light Resistance Test: (1000 hours Q. U. V. exposure) Initial: 60° Gloss 93
Final: 60° Gloss 84
Solvent Rub Test:
     Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Pass 200 rubs
     Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Pass 100 rubs


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