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An Extended Warranty Is Available for a Minimal Cost

How Much Longer Will My Warranty Be?

We will add two additional years beyond the standard warranty which comes with your product.

What Does it Cover?

The Extended Warranty covers everything the original warranty covered.

Are There Any Exclusions?

Yes, there are. To avoid confusion, please note: The Extended Warranty IS NOT available on items that A BETTER SURFACE does not offer a standard warranty on. These NO WARRANTY items may be on the same invoice as an item that has the Extended Warranty, but they were not purchased with an Extended Warranty and have NO WARRANTY. These items include kitchen sinks, resurfaced stove tops, resurfacing floor only of bathtubs, cosmetic repairs, local area repairs, and repair work on rust in porcelain sinks or porcelain bathtubs. 

Also, your Extended Warranty will not apply if you never paid for the work completed after being satisfied with the end result.

What Is the Cost?

The cost of the Extended Warranty will be determined by the cost of what you are purchasing. This is outlined below. The percentage is per item, not total amount on invoice.

$0.00 - $300.00 = 15% of resurfacing cost. Minimum of $25.00

$301.00 - $500.00 = 12.5% of resurfacing cost. Minimum of $45.00

$501.00 - $1,000.00 = 10% of resurfacing cost. Minimum of $65.00

$1,001.00 - Up = 8% of resurfacing cost. Minimum of $100.00


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A BETTER SURFACE has become well-known in southern California since 1995. Our many brands of resurfacing products are also very popular and are fast becoming product pillars in this industry.

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How well do our products hold up over time? Are there any chemicals that should be avoided when using our surfaces? This information will help you to make an informed decision when choosing your resurfacing company.

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What is included in your warranty package? Are there things that are not covered in the warranty? Can you extend the duration of the warranty? We have the answers for you.

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  Extended Product Warranty

There are two resurfacing brands that A BETTER SURFACE has available for resurfacing. They are:

Standard Residential Colors™

Standard Residential Colors is an industrial polyurethane product that comes in many high gloss colors. Color matching is also available. There is a full one year warranty with this product. The present in-stock color choice is:


GraniteView is a spray-applied multi-color product that simulates the expensive look of granite. It comes in many color combinations that can be special ordered. Our process involves spraying a basecoat, then GraniteView and finally applying an industrial clear- coat. There is a full one year warranty with this product. The present in-stock choices are:

  • Yosemite

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